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Seguin, On P2A 2W8
Tucker Lake Camp
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Fun pictures submitted by our seasonals
TUCKER LAKE CAMPGROUND GIG-having a band at the campground definitely works for all..pull up your trailer, RV, tent...campfire going, burgs on the BBQ, swim in lake, band in the barn...favourite beverages in hand,...not far to walk home at nights end,,,,the establishment and campers LUV live music and treated the band like royalty...WOW! BEEN A LONG TIME SINCE I HAD THAT MUCH FUN...it reminds me of the summer I spent in PEI playing barns and arenas....GOOD TIMES BY ALL! NICE! Many many many thanks to the owners Rick and Judy...hey that's no ordinary barn - it could have been a movie set for Dukes of Hazard smile emoticon Cheers! 
Stewart Lake Jammers at theTucker Lake Campground: 
Shawn Rosseau-vocals & guitar, Dave Matheson-vocals & guitar, Howard Wray-guitar, Jason Wray-vocals & guitar, Debbie Gardner Hill-vocals & tambourine & guitar, Ken Hobin-bass, Steve Hobin-heavy metal guitar, George Zebrowski-drums, Thanks to hosts:
Rick and Judy!, Kudos to the talented kiddos!, Recorded Aug. 29th 2015 , Tucker Lake Ontario Canada. Camera by: Catherine Hesse, Video by: shawn@shawnrosseau.com